Who am I: Chief Innovation Officer

Who am I?
Above anything else, I consider myself a student. I like to learn and play and grow with others so that we can build something that lasts. On a day to day basis, I tend to clarify everything. Sometimes annoyingly so. Communication is important to me and I think is THE foundation on which great relationships are built.

Like everyone, I’m unique and I’ve got a few quirks. My quirks include the fact that I’m left handed and like to sketch and do creative stuff. I think externally (using words and drawing pictures usually) and I am better on my feet. I can get a bit mischievous, particularly when I’m over tired or had a few drinks, but it’s always in good fun.

I like talking and working in concepts, looking at the big picture, and I love working with others. I can work in the detail, but it’s not something I like doing. I’m not so good at sticking with things long term and tend to change things up often. For example, I’ll take up hobbies, sports and even work responsibilities and then find something new to do and lose interest. I am still faithfully married though, so this doesn’t apply to everything.

I’m a confident kind of person (even when I have little reason to be) and I will give just about anything a go. As long as I’m not putting anyone in danger, there’s not much in work or life that I won’t try. Life’s too short.