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At Wiley, our approach to diversity is what makes a difference. Our people can be their best by being their most authentic selves every day at work. Our mission is to embrace every aspect of diversity and inclusion, build on the progress we have made and continue to foster a better way in the lives of our people.
In line with our Sense of Community value, we cultivate a culture of inclusion at Wiley that celebrates all differences. We rigorously nurture open, honest, fair and collaborative relationships enabling all people to feel like they belong. Our success is based on the contributions each person brings to the team. Celebrating our differences helps to engage and motivate us towards greater innovation, creativity and inclusiveness.



Wiley is committed to improving gender diversity by encouraging a balanced representation in our workforce.
We believe that gender equality is an ongoing, important goal for any organisation that cannot be measured by quotas, but instead by the equal access to resources, progression and recognition.


Wiley is a diverse organisation, encompassing different people from all walks of life, identities, backgrounds and beliefs. Our diversity provides valuable opportunities to learn and excel in an environment that welcome differences and fosters innovation and creativity. By embracing cultural diversity, we recognise the contributions and diversity in thought, which make us stronger and better in everything we do. Our people come from all walks of life, and we’re proud to maintain a liveable and inclusive culture where our people can come to discover and realise the best possibilities for their business, their projects and themselves.
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We acknowledge First Nations People and their communities are key to establishing positive outcomes and legacies where we deliver work. By promoting Indigenous culture and building the cultural awareness of our workforce, we help to build relationships based on trust and respect, to create success for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori peoples.
Our vision for reconciliation is one where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are treated equally in all relationships and their cultures and histories are celebrated and respected. We work closely with community organisations to support the Indigenous community, and proactively develop policies and procedures that empower our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Equal Employment opportunity
Harassment & Discrimination

Generational Diversity

Wiley is committed to building a diverse workforce that recognises the skills and abilities of people of all ages. A multi-generational workforce creates learning opportunities for our people to share best-practice knowledge, gain valuable insights on different perspectives and build an engaged and healthy talent pipeline. We continue to increase our talent pipeline by implementing initiatives that attract and engage graduates, apprentices and cadets. We are committed to exploring future initiatives and programs that provide opportunities for all people in our workforce, irrespective of age.


We believe in providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where people who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community can be their authentic selves at work. We are passionate about creating a culture where people can call out and eliminate bias to consciously include everyone.

Disability and Neurodiversity

We believe that people living with disabilities and neurodiverse individuals have the right to be fully participating members of our society, on an equal basis with everyone. By transforming how we communicate, as well as the physical, attitudinal and social environment, at Wiley we seek to accommodate and include all people living with disabilities.

Our commitment to diversity

We strive to create a culture of equal opportunity and success, and the way we work reflects this. Our inclusive workplace enables our people to feel valued, integrated and included in our team. We support all types of families with our inclusive parental leave policy, which available to eligible parents when they welcome a child into their family by birth, surrogacy or adoption.