How Pinteresting!

Wiley is launching its Pinterest page at

We are starting up with a diverse suite of boards covering topics from Innovation & Technology, BIM, Engineering and Values & Culture.  

“Pinterest is a fantastic platform for us to share our unique knowledge, ideas, culture and projects with the greater Social Media community.” Managing Director Tom Wiley said.

Although Pinterest is still a predominately female skewed platform, the latest stats show growth in the number of male users, including Wiley’s own Process Engineer Heath Barker. 

Read on to learn how Heath became Pinterested:

Pinterest: A males perspective

My early experience with Pinterest was peering over my wife’s shoulder as she looked at polaroid filtered photos of dresses and cupcakes on her phone. I believed that the only people who used it were 25 – 45 year old women. Unfortunately for me, announcing this in front of a group saw Tom Wiley respond with "hey, I use it". Less than an hour later I received an invite from Tom to try it out, naturally I accepted.

It has taken me a while to get into using it but now I find myself checking it out about once a week. It is basically a personalised Google Image search.

The way it works is you browse through endless images that are posted based upon your interests. You then either pin the ones that you want to refer to later or just follow the link to where the image came from on the internet. The major themes that I have been browsing are Lego (obviously), architecture, radiograms and new product designs.

I find it especially useful as a research tool for my home projects. I think that it could be equally as useful as a stage for some of Wiley’s project photos. A useful feature is that people can follow your ‘pins’ and if we are all pinning Wiley photos this may lead them to our website.

I still think that it is a bit early for a company like ours to be seeing huge benefits from Pinterest, but there is no cost to start uploading our photos so I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a good go at it.